8 Tips for Expanding Staff on a Small Budget


The church budget is tight, but you need to hire more staff. Here are eight considerations to get the people you need without breaking the bank Read more ›

10 Things to Do When the Numbers Are Few


If the attendance rosters have seen better days, it may be time to implement these 10 steps to breathe life into the body (and put bodies in the seats). Read more ›

7 Things a Church Should Do Immediately Following a Moral Failure


When a church leader admits to a moral failure, the next 24 hours are the most critical … Read more ›

How to Be a Terrible Boss: A 13-Step Guide


Who wants to be a good leader when you can be a bad boss instead?Read more ›

What the #!&@$ Is My Calling?!


If God is calling, many of us are still waiting for the phone to ring …Read more ›

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