Are You Taking the Right Security Measures for Your Church?

church security

If crisis hits your church, are you ready? Read more ›

25 Percent of Job Success Is Predicted by IQ—75 Percent Is Predicted by THIS


In his study of Harvard students, Shawn Acor scientifically proves why smartness isn’t what you need to succeed.Read more ›

4 Essentials for Hiring Candidates That Click With Your Church


You pray, interview, call references and so much more, but how do you know if your next hire will be a dream come true or your worst nightmare?Read more ›

How to Achieve Your Ministry Dream by Letting It Die

let it die

Give your dream to God, and let him return it to you 100 fold.Read more ›

5 Things to Consider Before Diving Into Full-Time Ministry


Ministry is a rewarding calling, but it’s important to be aware of the challenges that come with working for the church.Read more ›

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