Five Ways Leaders Can Get “Fresh Eyes”


So how can a leader minimize the inevitable downside of tenure? Here are five ways to get fresh eyes on the organization/ministry you are leading.Read more ›

The 4 Types Of Campus Pastors (And Which One You Need)


The growing trend across the country of multisite churches isn’t slowing down – rather, I believe it’s picking up speed. With a multitude of reasons for branching out and a myriad of strategies for getting new sites off the ground, each of a multisite church’s campuses are unique.Read more ›

How Pastoral Care Stunts the Growth of Most Churches


Of all the mysteries that shouldn’t be mysteries, why most churches remain small is perhaps the greatest.Read more ›

The Bigger The Dream, The Bigger The Fight


God has always used dreamers to do the really big stuff. Take Jacob, in the Old Testament, for example. Read more ›

The Burden and Fear of Handling theWord of God


Standing before groups large and small or even individuals and opening God’s Word is a privilege, an opportunity, a responsibility, and a lot of other things. But it’s also a burden and a fear.Read more ›

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