7 Spiritual Consequences of Living a Hurried, Busy Lifestyle


“Our pace is out of control. And if we compare our pace to the pace of Jesus’ life, there aren’t many similarities.”
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What a Year of Job Rejections Taught Me About Pitching Myself


After sending out hundreds of copies of my résumé to dozens of companies, I realized I had to stop thinking like a job applicant … and do this instead.
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Jesus Never Set Goals. He Did This Instead.


Jesus wasn’t goal-minded. He was mission-minded.
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7 Things Leaders Do That Drive Their Team Nuts


“Leaders can’t speak things into being. Only God can do that. For the rest of us, it takes a team.”Read more ›

How to Schedule Your Day for Maximum Productivity When You’re Unemployed


Following this schedule when you’re without work can keep you laser-focused and on the path to success.
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