What Should Churches Do After a Spokesperson’s Arrest?

Prisoner behind jail bars, concept of crime and corruption

It’s an important question to ask, because the enemy likes to use this kind of crisis to destroy God’s church.Read more ›

Beyond Thank You—5 Non-Financial Keys to Attracting and Keeping Great Leaders

Portrait of a business man with hands folded standing in office

People gravitate to where they are valued most. Here are 5 ways you can easily value people …Read more ›

When God’s People Do Not Live in the Word, Many Things Happen—All of Them Bad

Read Bible

Christians who own numerous Bibles that they rarely open are thumbing their noses at the saints of old who paid the ultimate price.Read more ›

The 5 Faces of Pride in Leadership

5 Faces of Pride

Here’s the lesson for leaders today: Humble service is the antidote to the faces of pride.Read more ›

How to Get Hired


So how do you get a job at the one place you want to work even if there are no openings? Here are three lessons from my wife.Read more ›

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