10 Tips on Picking a Great Leader for Your Church

10 tips

Few events give you insight into how leaders think more than the NFL Draft.Read more ›

4 Principles for People Ready to Quit on Their Dream


The moment when we want to walk away is a massively important moment in the lifespan of any dream.Read more ›

4 Signs It’s Time to Hire an Executive Pastor


At some point, a growing church will need a capable “second chair” leader to help lead and manage the growing organization.Read more ›

Should We Take the Holy Spirit to Work?


“For much of my life, I left the Holy Spirit at the front door as I headed to work to compete in the marketplace. Two people have helped me realize I was wrong.”Read more ›

Why We Fear Cutting Our Losses and Doing Something Different


If any of these five signs are true of you, the sunk cost bias may be distorting your judgment. Read more ›

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